Jatin Pathi
Creative Director- jugadu.in


  • Synoptic


    Corporate lawyer looking through code

  • JirkaAdmin


    NFT FAUCET ︱NFT EXCHANGE︱NFT COLLECTION Number 1 cross-chain NFT collection of most known crypto influencers. #BTC #SOLANA #AVAX Wanna free NFT? Follow us!

  • ginzaETH


    Future of Commerce / Ad Strategy / Crypto & NFT / Brands / Tech

  • DAZE - Decentralized Art Zone

    DAZE - Decentralized Art Zone

    DAZE is India’s first dedicated NFT Art Exhibition, presented by Crypto Art India Collective.

  • Ber Brr

    Ber Brr

    Punk #6565. Philly. Mixed race. Part-time artist. Part-time healthcare. PizzaDAO collaborative NFT project

  • Rudem00se


    I bop around the interwebz trying to make things a little more awesome than I found them, moderating Discord servers like CryptoKitties & $Whale Communities 😎

  • NFT Sommelier

    NFT Sommelier

    Web3 Marketing Consultant. Creator of Bored Wine Co. Professional Degen. #BAYC3833.

  • Crypto Das Kapital

    Crypto Das Kapital

    Involved in crypto and blockchain (POW, POS, trading, cryptography, legal frameworks, Nfts, Hodler.) Prefer to remain anonymous.

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