Jatin Pathi

It’s not what you think it is

World, when we enter into it, seems all new and exciting. But as we grow more and more and reach our final phase of living, all we realize is that life is all about nothingness and will end someday.

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My original 3D models,videos and stills will be just one of the thousand illusions that already exist in this world. They are not different than any other illusion that you have seen till now, but they do have their own twist. Mine are a result of trial and error, that shows itself with frame rendered. Each frame can be a piece of art itself but I’m not here to decieve you into buying one of these. They just exist on my OpenSea store to be admired, as they are a result of weeks of hit and trial method and hours of render. One can for sure bid and buy these, after all you have a choice between the entire model, video, GIF or a still image.

Also I dont have any problem into explaining how these were made, because I’m sure I’ll end up motivating a couple of people along the way. They may look simple and easy to create, but executing such task have their own complications. Ofcourse, the most simplest ideas often take some time.

#1. Mandala :- A classic good mandala that you might have created in your childhood with a compass or seen some epic reels of someone creating them on instagram, nonetheless mandala are one of the finest things you can create if you are dedicated enough. This is just one of the very classic mandalas that are easy to create on paper, but in a 3D space they have their own complications.

For this I used a simple torus in Autodesk with a limited side of 4, just to give a nice clean look ( and to get rid of the extra polys that might have given me some headache with more render time ). The torus, after some adjustments to its radius and thickness was given a clean circle look. The headache came later on which took me some basic maths to place various number of copies to be placed around the area and in rotation so that it will create a pattern. Here it was 20 degree rotation on X-axis and 10 steps on Z-axis. Why ignored the Y-axis you think? coz y not? JK!

Rotation on X-axis was enough to give a clean look for the mandala and after a dozen number of copies from 5 rings to 50, I settled my mind on 10. 10 number of copies were enough to give a nice look of the mandala from front and a nice trial from side.

Now the next step, setting up tthe camera, this is where it gets tricky. If you are a 3D artist then you know how different the view looks if seen from an orthographic view, prespective and physical camera. From orthographic view everything seems so perfect, but once the camera is set up, by default it’ll ruin the calm and peace so you have to hold your horses and think for a while about how to make it look presentable. So again after adjusting the camera’s angle of view and focal length and setting up animation keys, this piece was ready to look presentable.

#2. Impossible :- Impossible is just another simple example of how things are not what they look like. This is made from a torus too and after a few adjustment I was able to achieve this result. The iactual state of this is made from the original 1/2 of the torus, then combined together with this copy on a 180 degree angle, and then 90 degree on different axis respectively. All 8 parts where then combined together to create the whole model.

Again the real surprise and work comes with the what I want to show you. The camera was set up right in parallel to the model with its angel of view and focal length adjusted so that we can see the infinity sign, with aim being the exact mid point of the model. Remember that if you wish to recreate such things, they will look perfect from an orthographic view but not from a physical camera unless the focal view is set to your desire. But the illusion I’ve created only last a for a second, thats the fun part.

#3. HexaGod :- This one is actually complicated as compared to the previous artworks. It’s made from a plane circle, turned into a hexagon, and then its polygon extruded and sides of each level bevel into creating a fake effect of cube. A 3D cube can be seen from the top with a 2D effect, which was achieved via Vray dirt material and Vray dome light. I honestly cant explain how I created this but I would love to organize a live stream session with you guys one day, possibly with $Whale Community on their stream sometime, but who knows :V . Showing how its done is always better then typing things out and trying to convey your message to them.

Anyways, the camera was again adjusted to my desired result from straight 90 degree on Y-axis and then animating it to the ground away from the cube to show the symmetrical side of hexagon. I named this “ HexaGod” because this gives a perfect illusion of a cube within a transparent cube, but is actually made from Hexagon on a circle, with shape of a temple.

#4. Soul and Smile :- This piece is particular interesting because again, I want you to look at it as a circle at first, but its made from a cube. Same method was used as I mentioned above in “Mandala”. The cube was cut half and modified into a right angle triangle sort of thing, copied numerous time at 10 degree in X-axis moving forward by 10 at Z-axis. With camera, same story as mentioned above but the interesting thing about this piece is that with every frame, you can see something new and unique in “ Her Soul” from wings to a heart and even batman. These two varient exist because I just couldn’t help but enjoy the beauty each frame and material had to offer. With white the look is just astounding and with black, well black has its own swag.

If you guys ever try something like this, make sure to tag me or anything like that so that I can know that my crappy writing skills are actually helping someone out there.

Creations after these are kinda hard to explain and manage, so I’ll just leave it for your imagination. These creations include Eye, Forever, ImpossibleBox, Unreal Square, Pulse and Playground. As usual they involve simple shapes, easy to create but hard to execute. I should respect the title of this series and keep my silence now.

Thank you for having patience and reading all this. Again, if you happen to create anything from this then let me know, I’m excited to see what you guys can come up with (:

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