My $Whale Journey?

Oh damn! My journey with the $whale gang?

My actual journey in the vast ever expanding metaverse started with whale when I was just 4 months old in the metaverse, roaming here and there gathering knowledge, interacting with people and trying to sell my lovely NFTs. Before discovering $whale just think of me as person from that thirsy guy lost in the dessert meme. I used chill in my Makersplace store creating art and buying lovely works from fellow artist, but then everything changes. I saw this one guy in “ Top collectors” named WhaleShark. I was like, hmmmm… interesting. That’s how I got know about so many things like $Whale Community, Avastars and few more things. I jumped in their discord to be the part of the SWAG ( Sike! Whales Are Good)

I honestly joined because I was curious that how this guy named WhaleShark being able to buy so many NFTs and things, like seriously how someone has so much in Ethereum ( That time eth was like $250–300 and WS was buying for 5–10 eth per artwork 1/1 ) and what possible reason could be that this bearded guy wearing a top hat and some spiky mad max style glasses buying so much NFTs on Makersplace? Like y-y-y-y-y-y-y!!! I found out soon enough, he wasnt buying it for himself, he was buying it for the people who bought this social token called $whale, just another digital currency on the internet!!?? pffttt.. lol

But all those NFTs he bought made $whale strong as a social token and its prices rises as more and more people bought $whale. Everything was planned so beautifully that it even made me wanna join this thing called $Whale community and here I am after so many months typing this thing out in hope that I can win $200 worth of whale that I will eventually end up “$tip 1 whale voice” every night instead of saving it for my 2–3 month’s dolphin role. Oh wait!?

While I have you guys here, I do have an interesting story about this role called “ Dolphin”. So I was saving up eth to buy 12 $whale from uniswap in order to be a legit part of $whale gang and claim the dolphin role. It was during october that they annouced a contest ( Events and prices are pretty common in $whale discord, you can literally win $$$ bruh) on halloween. I wanted to take part but it was only for H2P ( Hodl 2 Play) users meaning only those who have dolphin and above role can take part. I mean I really had to take part in this, I’m Evil! I’m mofo Evil#0150! How can someone named Evil NOT take part in an halloween event!? I was 100% sure I would win this and I wrote that in the chat xD

…. But for that I must acquire the dolphin role! >:(

So what an artist who was struggling to get even one single sale in months did? Ofcourse asked help from the $whale community itself hehe. My good friend George Boya tipped me $12 whale to claim the dolphin role so that I can take part in the contest. He never intended to ask the $12 whale back, but guess what I did? I think you know what happened next?

~Spoiler alert: I won that contest, got $40 whale winning amount, gave my good fella George his $12 whale back, tipped few whale among the other random internet strangers on the server and then I continued chilling in the metaverse, to this day. This is just one of my many fun stories from the $whale community, You will always find me, Evil, chilling in #art-cafe-wip-only with so many talented and awesome artist and guiding some new people who also happen to hope on the $whale train to explore the metaverse. Who knows some of you among those people might be reading this right now?

Long story short, $whale is full of fun, for some reason I have never seen 2 people fighting there, I dunno why. Mods take care of you like you are a family member, they literally try to do everything in their power to help you if you are new, confused or just stuck somewhere ( Regarding crypto ofc :3 ). Here you can meet new people, amazing artist and developers, also stumble upon some some great collectors who you might be surprised but are very down to earth people, just like you and me.

I believe that there’s more to this place, it will grow and spread its roots, giving hopes to new young minds out there, both the metaverse and $whale.

Our hopes and dream and $btc, $eth and $whale, to the moon!


Dont forget to drink water.