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The Evil’s BOTB Lore #1

Vlad #6969

Vlad is 6969th “Bos Taurus” who escaped the real world and fell into the rabbit hole of the blockchain.

His story is rather an interesting one. Vlad was born in Sovient Russian and had troubled childhood. His father was deployed to serve the motherland and Vlad was left alone to be the man of the family at the very young age of 2 with his mother. He had to walk miles to cut down trees to bring firewood so that he and his mother could survive the harsh cold winter nights in their village, meanwhile his mother had to hunt down grasses in the wild. They went onto living like this for a couple of years until one day a sad news came in. Vlad’s father, who was deployed in the army was shot dead due to a disagreement between his superior regarding which pizza is better, Chicago Pizza or New York-Style Pizza.

The news shock the little family so much that Vlad’s mother ran away with his uncle leaving little Vlad behind, on his own, in a cold distant village in the middle of nowhere. Vlad had to survive on his own and thats when he decided that he had enough, if he wanted to survive in this world he should leave this village and explore the world beyond the woods and snowy mountains. Thats when little Vlad started his long unknown journey outside the white lonely landscape. He walked for weeks without hope, sometimes going for days without grazing any grass but the hope of a good happy life inside him kept him warm and moving until he finally reached Moscow.

It was a whole new world for little Vlad out there, so many bulls around and buildings taller than the woods back home. Lights everywhere, bright lights dim light, different colored lights, they werent fire like back home. It was something else, like magic. Lighting blinking like eyes, going in and out with a single click. It was magic to little Vlad, no… more like a witchcraft. There were huge metal houses rumbling across the streets. Bulls marching down the road with huge metal houses with a giant nose. The ground below Vlad was rumbling when the huge metal house passed by him followed by more and more metal houses and bulls. Everything was new and scary to little Vlad. He couldnt take it. He ran away from that place as fast as he could, hungry and scared.

Little Vlad eventually fell asleep in a dark alley, cornered by a wall and a trash can that helped nothing to little to stop cold winds. He woke up by the clattering noises right in front of him, a herd of bulls were bullying another bull. Vlad got scared and accidently hit the trash can, hence all attention went to him. He was scared to death, but suddenly one bull stepped out of the herd and walked upto him and said “ You hungry calf?” . Vlad was confused at first about how someone who was just beating someone to pulp a minute ago was so calm and nice and asking him if he was hungry? What is this gesture? Vlad had no idea what kindness was because he never experienced it back home, nor during his whole journey to this metal town called Moscow. To the bull’s question Vlad said yes, he was hungry. The Bull who asked the question got back up, looked down at Vlad and said, “kill the wounded bull on the ground and you shall have a feast”. Vlad was shocked! “What? Kill him? Why? What was his fault? Why are you guys beating him? Why there should be violence? “ were the thoughts running again and again in little Vlad’s mind.

Another bull came up from the herd and said “ Decide fast, if you dont decide fast then you will meet the same fate as him” Vlad went numb for few seconds after hearing those words. He left his village because he wanted to survive and in order to do that he walked for weeks and now here in a dark alley in Moscow, he has to take a bold step again in order to survive. He stood up and took the stance, ready to charge at the poor bull on the ground, he was numb from the words he was hearing from all the different places. “ kill him” “ kill him or else you are next” “ finish him fast or else your food will be cold” “ please dont kill me, run! run away from them” “ kid kill him already his crying is very irritating” “ bro just get rid of him before anyone hear him crying and kill the kid, he has seen our faces” and all.

All of a sudden Vlad charged towards the wounded bull and his horn pierced him right through like a hot knife through butter. Blood splattered all around the alley and Vlad’s horn on the other side of the now dead bull, draining in blood. This was Vlad’s 1st kill ever. He was adopted by the herd, who took care of him for coming many years. After this incident Vlad tried to wash off the blood from his horn but nothing worked. Soon the blood dried and made the horn looked as if it was covered in a bronze coating. The only way to get rid of this was to wash off the dried blood with more blood. After joining the herd Vlad became a local thug who carried out all of dirty work on behalf a corrupted officer, who controlled the undergrounds of the city via this gang.

Years went by and little Vlad was a young adult now. Impressed by all the dirty work he has done over the years, the officer recruited him under his command where he would carry out war crimes in coming years. His bronze horn was now silver, after killing numerous people in every dark corner of the city. After joining the army Vlad infiltrated the high commands under the orders given by the corrupted officer to plant fake proof against the officer’s superior so that he can over run them. His plan succeeded and the corrupted officer took over the superior ranks. Vlad was promoted to be the right hand of that officer. There next plan was to commit mass genocide in order to conquer more countries so that they can move higher up in the ranks. Vlad was the man for the job and he continued to do all the dirty works until one day the sovient union fell and the corrupted officer was arrested for commiting war crimes. He snitched out Vlad as the main bull behind all the slaughter and that he manipulated him. Vlad was a wanted bull in all of the Sovient Union and an all out bull hunt and bounty was placed on him, 1 ton of grains and oilseeds, largest ever in the history of bullkind. Vlad had to take out his fellow comrades in order to survive since no one believed him that the officer was behind all the massacre and he was just following orders in order to survive all along. He was on the run again after years and eventually caught, from having a respectful life as an army officer to be arrested now for committing war crimes, he was now in handcuffs and a prison uniform being transported from one end of the country to Moscow, where it all started. It was at this moment in Moscow when he realised that it was the moment again, where he has to run again in order to survive, doesnt matter if he was right or wrong, he has to survive and keep on running. He broke free from the handcuffs and killed all the officers who were to escort him to the The Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Soviet Union where his fate was to be decided. Vlad was the bull on the run again, his horns turned into gold now, after killing all the highly trained bulls around him. He kept running until he reached a familiar place, a dark alley where his first kill took place. He hid there while every single bull in the city was looking out for him.

He was cornered again, blocking his huge body with a trash can so that no one can see him, and a wall behind him so that he can still take a breath after all the sprint. He noticed something…. a crack expanding out of nowhere and a ray of light breaking through it. This was obviously noticed by the red army and they rushed to this place. Vlad was now blocked by the red army from one side and a crack of light from the other side. He knew he had no strength left in him to defend himself so he took a leap of faith into the crack which was now more than enough for him to squeeze in his large body. He took the leap of faith and the crack snapped closed behind him, leaving behind the red army confused about what in the scooby snack f*ck happened just now.

On the other side of the crack Vlad found him stranded on a place full of sand and a vast ocean right in front of him. The sand had weird trees all over the place with leaves only on the very top with weird green rocks hanging from them. The sky was blue with clear white clouds in the sky. It was all opposite to what all he has seen since his childhood. Vlad saw the sun and asked him that why the sun is sinking in this water body? The whole environment was warm, Vlad missed the cold. He was disappointed. The birds cawing was very irritating to him. Everything was different. He has no idea what to do now. He has no idea why he is here and what this place is.

Vlad currently reside here: https://opensea.io/assets/0x3a8778a58993ba4b941f85684d74750043a4bb5f/6969

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