The Founder #79, A Meebit’s story

Part: 2

Part: 1 can be found here

I was like “ damn man someone gifted me their NFT? how cool is that!! “ and I kept the lovely cube in my tiny pocket, until one day…… I totally forgot about this and Hans was climbing stairs of well deserved success when his awesome work was appreciated by Pak .

Then suddenly out of nowhere I recieved an email from OpenSea for 0.5 ETH on my CryptoCube#26 .

I was like “ wat :/ “ and then I spend the next 2 mins wondering why would someone pay 0.5 ETH for something like this? I immediately rushed to twitter to see whats happening and then I saw the thing. Suddenly CryptoCubes and Hans were on their way to become god tier popular in the metaverse for the next 2–3 weeks and I learned that its these crucial moments where if you wanna earn a nice liquidity, its these crucial few days were magic happens.

So I copied the damn Opensea link of my cube and posted it on twitter being all happy and recharged.

Old twitter banned and not in use, thats why a peepeepoopoo on thumbnail

And now here comes another awesome thing that I always tell people to look out for, friends and community. One such fine community is $Whale founded by this badass dude who calls himself WhaleShark Pro . This community has one of the finest and most kindest people I’ve met in the metaverse and one such fella was “JustinJ” I mean I’m just gonna drop another screenshot to prove that how awesome this dude is.

Now that’s some witchcraft level sheeesh okay?

Dude called out its worth that time when I sold it for 2.23 ETH, even when the current bid was 0.5!

So my fellow potatoes thats why I always say that be a part of communities like $Whale because their awesome and kind mods will look out for you even outside the their work-zone.

And then after starting the auction, the unexpected happened……