Jatin Pathi

The Founder #79, A Meebit’s story

Part: 4

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My next goal was right in front of me, I knew what I had to do next….. I figured out that my artworks wont sell since I suck at self promoting, nor anyone else gonna do it for me. So in order to have regular source of liquidity in eth, I had to find something else, something that will stay popular on-chain for years to come.

So thats how I got introduced to Art Blocks , a goddamn awesome generative art collectible platform! I saw Sandy Meows tweeting about this thing called Chromie Squiggle and I was like “wat :/ ? “ and questions were being bombarded in my tiny little brain like “ what is this? , what is this site? how is it changing colors? “ and so on. So I slide into her DMs like a boss, asked her what that was and how can I get my own? and she guided me for the next 2 mins about connecting my Metamask to https://artblocks.io/ and about minting it. Thats how I got this bad boi , which stayed in my tiny pocket for a good 4 months. But this collecting thing was so addictive that I spend more almost 80% of my CryptoCube#26 amount on 6 different artblocks projects, with chromie squiggle and color study being an original mint and picked other 4 from the secondary market on opensea.

Getting Chromie Squiggle, Color Study, HyperHash, Singularity, Nimbuds and Cryptoblots were literally the best and life changing decisions because I knew how to put all these in good use. I knew there value in coming months and year would be huge and I intend to keep them with for a long time, but then something that happened that made me put them up on sale after months…..