Jatin Pathi

The Founder #79, A Meebit’s story

Part: 1

Ever since I joined Meebits DAO as one of the founder I was surprised to receive a decent number of messages from my fellow crypto artist friends and collectors and crypto enthusiast on my instagram. For someone who rarely gets a text from people, it was for sure lovely to get 20–25 people texting me over my discord, twitter and instagram. Some of my in real life known people wanted to know what this was about and friends from the metaverse wanted to know what Meebits DAO was about and how in the Yippee-ki-yay world I joined them. For sure my crypto-friends were confused about how someone like me, who dont even bother shilling his NFTs and do it once in a blue moon and whose single highest sale was $1000 USDC, was able to get his hands on a 2.5 ETH ( $8,500+ usd at ATH )mint price NFT collectible from Larva Labs?

Well, the secret lies in community and here goes the chain event. ( many events will not be included here because I know ya’ll here for a quick read )

Made a friend in Makersplace discord when I was an ambassador there back in autumn of 2020s. That friend was Hans [https://twitter.com/Hanrgb] . We never really talked much but yeh he was chill and I was chill, he made really cool atmospheric renders with motions. They all are beautiful. So one day he slide into my twitter DMs ( That account is now banned and no longer exist : I_am_potato_l ) and asked me about my eth address and said he has a gift. I recieved a lovely spinning group of random colored and sized cube with a static running background named “Crypto Cube 26” [https://opensea.io/assets/0xdbb163b22e839a26d2a5011841cb4430019020f9/29]

I was like “ damn man someone gifted me their NFT? how cool is that!! “ and I kept the lovely cube in my tiny pocket, until one day……

To be continued

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