The Founder #79, A Meebit’s story

Part: 3

Part: 1 can be found here

Part: 2 can be found here

And then after starting the auction, the unexpected happened…….. soon after tweeting about it and sharing it on some major servers I was a part of where I knew some whales resides, I started recieving decent bids on my CryptoCube#26

This may seem very good, since bids were from actual collectors who knew the potential of this project which I failed to understand since collectibles were something I had almost no idea about. But among these organic bid war were bid snipers lurking in the deep corners of the blocking, looking at all the action and timer I had set.

So I really didnt wanted a bid sniper to get his/her hands on this so I contacted this awesome person named Matt , who was winning the auction and actively bidding too. I had no problem selling this cube for a lower price to Matt, as long as its safe from that bid sniper’s guy. This was a really tough call but we managed to pull this off, all thanks to Opensea and its flawed auction timer (:

Matt came out victorious on this 3 day epic ( for me) bid war. But here are some desperate attempts by the bid sniper.

A 0.112 could be a decent profit for me, keeping in mind that I suck at promoting my own NFTs and only a handful of people retweet my artworks whenever I happen to share them.

So here comes the part about what all you guys should do when you are against something similar. I texted Matt over twitter and said thank you and all, you know…. basic manners but my good sire right here was such a kind and humble collector that I made sure that whatever happens, the cube is going in Matt’s collection no matter what. Sometimes reaching out to the collectors who are actively bidding on a collectible you have is very helpful, both as a person and as a seller. So far you guys must have noticed that how having good relationships among the metaverse is benificial, not just for you but for the whole ecosystem.

So, badabing badaboom, auction ended, CryptoCube #26 was sold, Hans recieved the royalty, opensea recieved a commission, Matt recieved the well deserved NFT, I recieved ETH, but most importantly, we… me and you, the readers received the satisfaction of trolling the bid sniper and sneaking the cube under their nose.

In these 3 days course where I saw a 0.5 ETH rising and ending on 2.23 ETH, I understood the power of collectibles, and a decent amount of knowledge and idea about how things gonna work in this economy in the future and what all factors depend on rising the prices of NFTs.

My next goal was right in front of me, I knew what I had to do next…..