Jatin Pathi

The Founder #79, A Meebit’s story

Part: 5

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but then something that happened that made me put them up on sale after months…..covid 19 cases were at peak in my country and it was a total chaos. My brother who was 1400 KM+ away from us in a different city due to work came out to be covid positive so he was isolated alone in his apartment. At the same time one of my friend and his family were doing noble work of providing food and oxygen in his town to people who were unable to help themself, like old couples living together or people who were unemployed. India was suffering and after seeing people close to me trying to fight everything with all they had, I had to jump in and help with everything I had too.

People who know me know that even when ETH was ATH, and even during late 2020s I was helping out new artist who got to know about NFTs by providing them knowledge and guide them throught numerous stuffs, and also giving them enough gas fee worth of eth to mint their artworks. That time opensea had no such thing as lazy minting . Only few people know that I was sponsoring gas fee but I dont like unnecessary attention so I always said to those artist to avoid tagging me saying thank you etc. A part of me want to avoid this because I know once people knew that I’m doing this, they become “fanbois” sort of thing were they are just nice to you because you can help them, otherwise they dont respect you in any sort of way other than the fact that you gonna be some use for them. Blame me for being like this but I’ve seen enough people irl to stay away from “ limelight” . Anyways, the thing is that I was helping people onboard NFT craze for quite few months whenever I use to sell my own original NFTs, but when covid strike I needed actual funds for fiat in order to help people across India and “ do my part” . Crypto friends dont know this since it was something to do with my personal life but only writing this here because I wanna let people know that if you hold an “ Artblock” project, you better keep them close to your heart. I had to put them out on sale, donating 70% and keeping 30% in my digital wallet.

During april I guess, in middle of this headache I saw $doge being listed on crypto exchanges, that time it was 0.03 USD and me seeing the fun in that after coming across some damn nice memes on reddit, I decided to jump in yet another rabbit hole of…..